Benefits of SIMBODIES


SIMBODIES are a believable simulated patient training tool for medical educators and clinicians using manikin based education training. They have the look and feel of real skin, weighted accurately with movable limbs they are produced from medical grade silicones which give a flexible and skin like appearance.

Trauma FX first introduced SIMBODIES to support pre-deployment training for the UK Ebola Mission to aid the simulation of palliative care and management of the dead training scenarios. They proved to be a vital training tool and highlighted a clear requirement for the need for visually realistic and culturally sensitive training manikins.


Lifelike and believable is what makes our SIMBODIES different they stand out because we care about attention to detail; skin texture and colouring is hand painted on as well as body hair and eyes, this is what makes medical students believe they are treating a real-life casualty.

The ability to do medical interventions is key, SIMBODIES have clinical capabilities including an accurate cadaver cast airway with a jaw and teeth.

Additional Benefits of SIMBODIES

There are no electronic working parts in the SIMBODIES therefore no risk of electrical failures in the practical working of the product, allowing for consistency and reliability. The manufacture and materials used in the SIMBODIES are robust and will withstand usual handling and movement. Areas of weakness and where movements and procedures will be conducted will be reinforced to ensure they are more hard wearing.