Customising SIMBODIES

Creating unique identifying features and specific injury patterns


We offer a unique customisation service as standard, giving our Male, Female and Child SIMBODIES certain

Identifying features such as:


Eye Colour

Hair Colour and Style

Skin Tone

Facial Hair

Tattoos and Birthmarks


Optional Additions  

  • Amputations (detachable limbs or permanently amputated)
  • Large cavity wounds that can be packable
  • Junctional wounds
  • Surgical wounds
  • Burns, blast injuries both chemical and biological
  • Major trauma injuries
  • Swellings and fractures
  • Integrated bleeding tubes
  • Fully Submersible – for water rescue scenario’s
  • Catheterisation

Trauma FX Optional Extras

Cannulation – IVSIMSLEEVES


Moulage Kits, SIMWOUNDS and simulated blood products

Surgical airway trainer

Moulage Training Course 

Pregnancy Simulation – SIMBUMP Suit

 See Trauma FX for further details of our compatible products