Ideal for use for CSI, Disaster Identification and Mortuary Training Exercises

Our collection of LifeLess SIMBODIES represent realistic simulated dead, bodies and body parts demonstrating a variety of injuries from crush injuries, blast and burns to fragmentation wounds.

Our SIMBODIES are robust, waterproof, movable and can be manipulated into a variety of positions; placed into vehicles, collapsed buildings or areas that are unsafe to put a live casualty and have fingerprints that can be used to take realistic prints forensically to identify victims


See our SIMBODIES gallery page for further images of LIFELESS SIMBODIES



Our collection is available for hire and purchase and are custom made we have both male and female, adult and child items.

We understand that attention to detail is crucial, so distinguishing features such as body hair, eyes and teeth are visible. We endeavour to make our SIMBODIES realistically graphic without being unduly gory.