Medical Manikins

SIMBODIES Manikins are life-like patient simulators, often used by educators and clinicians for medical training purposes. The function of SIMBODIES is to replicate the look and appearance of the human body; produced using skin safe Prosthetic Grade Silicone, our SIMBODIES are able to feature medical capabilities using the replication of veins, airways, jaws and teeth for added accuracy. They have the look and appearance of genuine human skin, colouring, hair and eyes, all of which enable the student or trainee to experience a truly immersive experience.

These features found on your SIMBODIES manikin can be specifically chosen or altered, depending entirely on your requirements. Amputation and large cavity wounds, burns, fractures and catheterisation features are also able to be built into the function of your manikin. Available to be made in a wide range of ethnicities and ages, and produced with accurately weighted limbs, we truly believe that these renowned training aids provide students with the most realistic replica of the human body available in the simulation industry worldwide.

Customising Your SIMBODIES Manikin

What makes SIMBODIES Manikins unique from other manufactured simulation manikins is the ability customizable them, offering unique build options, including the ability to create simbodies specific to clinical, environmental and industry training needs. Each manikin is able to be tailored to the skin tone, hair colour and eye colour required. Various specific injuries can also be added, helping your Manikin fit your training scenario.